sabato 13 febbraio 2010

Rockumba! Vol. 41 (Dj Killer from space compilation)

Jeff Daniels (Daddy O Rock) Rockabilly Bop
Nightriders (Lookin' for my baby) Blues Bop
Flat tire (The Del Vikings) Stroll
The Place (unknow) Rockabilly bop
Rail road tracks (Juke Boy Bonner) Blues bop
Rattlesnake shake (Lou Roberts) extreme rockin' jive
Bodavicious (The U.S. Rockets) strollin' exotica
Monkeys uncle (Ray Sharpe) extreme rockin' jive
Gone, Gone, Gone (The Flaming Embers) extreme bop
Trouble up the road (Jackie Brenston) Blues bop
Pleadin -Blues bop
Burn baby burn (The Rockin Rebels) Speed instrumental stroll
One potato (The Elite) Extreme mad jive.
The cat (Rod Willis) Rockabilly bop
Crawfish (Jess Stone) Stroll
Guitar rock (Bill Flagg) Rockabilly bop
Speed zone (The Impacts) Instrumental mad jivers
The spear dance (Chaino and his African percuss) late party booze dance
Unknow - Extreme Jivers
Censored 50s trash by Dj Killer from space - Diano Marina (Italy)